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If only they spent that much effort on the actual gameplay! Oh, the platforming in this game is fuuuck!! Every jump RoboCop makes is just barely reaching. Most of the time I fall in the acid, which kills you way too fast! Look at that, I’m barely on the platform! RoboCop must be on his tippy-toes. The first boss is one of the ninjas from the movie, but he looks more like RYU from Ninja Gaiden. He jumps around like an asshole until you kill ‘im. Level 3 and 4 are the same exact level, the only difference is that level 4 is backwards! In level 3 you get the infamous jetpack from the movie, which sucks balls, imagine that. Level 4, I guess you’re out of gas, so RoboCop has to hoof it on foot. Then you fight ED-209.

He’s real easy and can’t hit you if you’re on the platform. Fortunately you’re on the last level. All you gotta do is avoid Scorpion and Sub-Zero and just go to this console. Once all the numbers show up, the two ninjas slice each other’s heads off.. Ugh, whatever, I don’t care. I’m done. You know, it wasn’t THAT bad. I’d buy that for a dollar! No more though. Anyway, now that I’ve played all those, my nerd directives have been cleared. [mechanical whirring] [click!] Haaaa! Yeah! Oh shit, I’m out of fuel! Whoooaahoa! [CRASH!] Just a heads-up, for fans of physical media who want to collect Angry Video Game Nerd episodes on Blu-Ray, we now have four volumes on Blu-Ray, containing 147 episodes, up to Game Boy Accessories. Volume 1, known as AVGN X, crams in the first 100 episodes, plus bonus features, on two discs. X2 continues where it left off, with episodes 101-114, plus bonus features, on two discs.

The episodes are fewer because that’s when they started shooting in HD, so they’re presented in their full quality. X3 contains episodes 115-140, plus bonus features, on two discs. Volume 4, Ready 4 Revenge, is brand-new with episodes 141-147, plus new bonus features, on one disc. Also, there’s AVGN: The Movie Blu-Ray, in surround sound with over ten hours of bonus features, all on one disc, which I had no idea was even possible! There’s also James & Mike Mondays Blu-Ray, with 20 select episodes on one disc, and Board James: The Complete Series on Blu-Ray, plus bonus features, on one disc. Also, if you’re looking for the DVD format, we still have the first nine DVD volumes of AVGN, which goes up to episode 139. These are all region-free and ship worldwide. Go to